Monday, 22 April 2013

Wallstech Offering Unlimited PC Support to Its Clients

Wallstech is an independent, remoter service provider which offers services related to PC optimization, antivirus support, internet browser support, email support & migration, and networking and wifi support to internet users around the world. 

The company has over the last few years set bench marks for competitors with its high service quality. Our technicians use online remote technology to access the client’s system temporarily, detect the main cause of the problem and fix it within a short span of time. 

So you can have your have your problems fixed through PC support sitting at home within a short span of time. We provide support services in the following areas:-

  • PC optimization- Our PC optimization services include start-up optimization, cleaning temp and junk files, registry cleaning and repair and disk defragment and scandisk.
  • Printer support- This includes scanning printer and page problems, printer repair, setting up printer and driver installation and setting up wireless printer.
  • Antivirus support- We help in installation of antivirus softwares bought by clients and also provide support to set up regular updates and scheduled virus scans.
  • Email support and migration- Our support in this area includes Microsoft Outlook support, email spamming problems, hacked email or password recovery and importing address book.
  • OS Set up, Install & Upgrade- Support services in this area includes installation and upgradation of  Windows 7, Windows blue screen errors, installation and upgradation of  Windows XP and all OS related issues.
  • Internet browser support- Wallstech’s internet browser support services include history cleaning, privacy settings, Internet Explorer support, Chrome support, Mozilla support as well as assistance in purchasing from MS Store.
  • Networking and Wifi support- Our networking and wifi support includes Belkin N 150-N900 router support, Netgear router installation and support, wifi support and installation and Linksys router support.

To make sure that your system is safe while the computer support company works on your PC’s problem, make sure that you are present. Make it a point not to share details of your credit card with anyone, even if your payment gets stuck in the middle of financial transactions due to some technical glitches. 

You can ask the company’s technicians for a data backup to make sure that you don’t lose some important data while your system is being fixed through remote tech support. See carefully in order to ensure that while buying antivirus support, you do not get any false or duplicate windows scripts. 

Don’t forget to ask for the antivirus’s license number that you are buying. Always enter your antivirus details on your own. Never let anyone do it on your behalf. So never share confidential details about your credit card with anyone. 

Always go for the antivirus software solution which suits your system the most. Technicians may refer to a number of antivirus software for online virus removal but it is upto you to decide which one to go for.

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