Saturday, 27 April 2013

Does your PC restart automatically?

Microsoft Windows‘s latest versions help internet users to customize how their PCs respond when faced with a serious problem. For instance, if a common error like the ‘STOP error’ occurs, you will know exactly how your PC will respond. However this facility is unavailable in the older versions of Windows. 

As a result whenever a STOP error occurs in your PC, your PC will restart automatically in order to prevent any type of damage to the hardware of your system. This issue can occur because of a number of reasons like corrupted files and system registry, incorrect BIOS configurations or unsupported software installation. The reasons are explained in detail below:-

Corruption in system files-Normally, you should not modify the files in your operating system until you need some repair work to be done on your system. But sometimes your files can get modified by third party software in an unauthorized manner which can cause your PC to be restarted automatically. The corrupted system needs to its original version to solve the issue.
Registry entries are often responsible for the error issues and problems which you face in your PC. Once some serious junk entries enter your registry, they can damage your important data and cause your PC to be restarted automatically.
If some unsupported software has been installed in your system, then you can also face an autorestart problem in your PC. Software incompatibility means that the software packages you have installed in your system are not supported. For example if you are using a software product meant only for Windows 7 but you are running a Windows XP program, then you can face startup issues.
Incorrect BIOS configurations- If the BIOS settings are not properly set in your system you can face restart issues.

In order to resolve restart issues in your system quickly, you need to hire the services of a renowned computer support services provider online. As soon you call the company on their helpline number or email, their technical experts will connect with your system using their online remote technology, detect the main cause of your problem and fix it within a short period of time. The fees which they will charge you for their support services is quite reasonable. 

You will have access to round the clock online tech support, and so you can have startup issues fixed at any time of the day as you please. Moreover there is no risk of your PC getting damaged as the issue will be fixed sitting at office or home. If you are satisfied with the service quality of the company you can keep their contact number so that you can get prompt online computer repair within a short span of time.


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