Thursday, 25 April 2013

Is Your PC Getting Error Pop Ups ? File Sharing Worms Have Infected Your System

File sharing worms are programs which exploit the fact that file-sharers do not know exactly what they are downloading. Usually these worms copy themselves into a shared folder with an unpretentious name. If a different user on the same network downloads files from this shared folder, then the person may download the virus without his or her knowledge, and then copy and repeat itself. 

Infact a few years ago, a worm called ‘’ Phatbot’’ infected millions of system in a similar manner. What makes these worms most dangerous is the fact that that they have the ability to steal important information including details of your credit card and send spam in a record scale.

This malicious malware is used by cyber criminals to distribute network resources. This means that they can penetrate one PC from another via instant messaging systems, local networks, global networks, email, file sharing networks (P2P), and IRC channels. The speed with which these worms spread is very high. 

In order to enter your system, this worm attempts to obtain addresses on your computer network so that it can start sending copies. They also use data book email contacts. Most of these worms spread in a system as files though there are some worms which propagate in the form of network packets and directly enter your PC’s RAM and execute your code. 

Once they have entered your system, the worms can download additional malware some of which include password stealers, and backdoors which suck up login credentials which you use for email, Facebook, online banking etc.
To protect your site from these harmful worms you need to go for the support of a well known online computer support provider who can fix the issue within a short span of time. Once you call them on their helpline or contact them through email, their technical experts will use onsite remote technology to connect with your system and find out the root cause of the issue and solve it accordingly. 

The services charges which you will have to pay them for providing remote tech support are within a reasonable range and so you won’t have to rush to any onsite repair service provider in order to resolve the issue. You can have these worms fixed at any time as online support services are available round the clock on a daily basis.


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