Sunday, 21 April 2013

Has your AOL account been suspended? Find out the reasons

AOL happens to be one of the most widely used internet activities used for email, instant messaging, going through news etc. If you have an AOL account and suddenly one day you find that it has been suspended, you won’t be able to use email or do instant message till it has been restored. You need to know the reasons why your AOL account may get suspended so as to make sure that you don’t have to face such a situation. Some of them are mentioned below:-

User Name is canceled- If you find that your website has been canceled, then you can no longer have access to your AOL account. The AOL user name can be restored within six months of deleting or canceling as long as it has a master user name related to your account. 
Terms of service have been violated- The AOL account which you have been using may also get suspended as a result of violation of terms of service. When you open your account you agree to AOL’s terms of service which includes not posting illegal or harmful content and sending unwanted bulk communications. In case you feel that your account shouldn’t be suspended, you can email to AOL. You need to include account details as well as the reasons for your disagreement with suspension.
Billing Issues- Your AOL account may also be suspended or blocked if there are outstanding billing issues with your AOL Premium paid service or with your AOL account. You can go to AOL’s billing website in order to check what the billing issues are and also advice on how such a problem can be resolved.
Suspicious Activity- You might get a suspended account message from AOL if some suspicious activity is discovered in your account. AOL assumes that such activity is being done because someone else is accessing your account illegally. 

In order to reactivate your AOL account and make sure that someone else is not having illegal access to your account, you should hire an AOL support provider with a good reputation in the market. Such a company offers round the clock technical support, so you can have your problems fixed sitting at your office or at home. 

You won’t have to take your PC to the nearby service station and pay a hefty sum to have AOL issues fixed. Once you contact a company for AOL help, their technical experts will connect with your PC using their online remote technology to diagnose the main cause of the problem and fix it within a few hours. 

The service charges of these companies are quite reasonable. You need to use the contact AOL support number of the company to get in touch with the service provider. AOL Customer Service


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