Saturday, 27 April 2013

Is your HP PC’s system crashing randomly? Internet worms have entered your system

Internet worms are a type of harmful malware which can reproduce and distribute their own copies within a network. What makes these malware dangerous is the fact that they can reproduce themselves on your HP PC without your knowledge. These worms can be included in any type of script or program. They usually spread within a system by taking advantage of the weaknesses and viruses in the software you are using.

These worms can spread on their own in your system unlike Trojans and other viruses which require internet your intervention for spreading. Internet worms are designed to steal important personal information of users or to convert their PCs into remote controlled ‘bots’.
Cyber criminals rent out network of these ‘bot nets’ for attacking government as well as business computer systems and for sending spam. Usually these worms corrupt a well known trusted web page so that it transmits a corrupted document to you when you view the web page. This corrupt file causes your program to crash, and opens access for the malicious program to enter into your system.

In order to hide the infection from you, this program normally uses a ‘downloader’. This is a very small program which will later connect to your remote computer and download a greater number of malicious programs in your system. It can also scan through your system and send your personal information to cyber criminals.

There are a number of symptoms which from which you can make out that an internet worm has entered your system:-

·    Your system gets locked up or crashes randomly
·    You get too many pop-ups which appear indiscriminately while you are surfing through the net
·    Your PC functions very slowly
·    You are taken to some other website than the website you are searching for

In order to protect the system of your HP PC from internet worms you need HP support from a well known service provider online. Once you explain your issue to the company’s technical experts will connect to your PC through their online remote desktop connection, detect the worm and remove it from your system.

You will get round the clock HP tech support. The service charges which they will ask for is quite reasonable and so you don’t have to spend too much in order to remove worms and upgrade your system with the latest antivirus software.

If you find that the service quality of the company is of high quality, then you can keep their HP support number in order to have your PC problems fixed in the future in a short span of time.


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