Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Getting a message to change your home page? Browser Hijack has attacked your PC

Browser Hijack viruses can spread in your PC’s system in a number of ways like voluntary download and hijack some of your browser functions, by automatically redirecting you to specific sites.

These viruses are developed by cyber criminals in order to get revenues from web ads. These browser hijacks are non-viral in nature and overlap between adware, helpware and malware. They can also put themselves in the registry depending on your search bar, and substitute MSN as default search engine in IE.

Incase you mistype the address by accident, then the Internet Explorer will put you into their search engine and help you to find the correct address. If search bar changes the defect, then you will end up in their search engine.
Home page switch happens to be a common type of browser hijack. Depending on the security settings you have, you may come across a message asking you weather you would like to change your existing home page for a new one.

Involuntary hijacking or drive by downloads as they are called can be a major threat to your system if PC security is low. Changed home pages and home pages can get installed in your PC’s system on your own accord which you may not realize.

As in case of search bars, a harmful web page can attempt to exploit the security weakness in your system to get installed without your knowledge. The CWS Trojan (Cool Web Search) and its variations on getting installed in your system will root you to coolwebsearch.com.

You can be subjected to an onslaught of irritating pop-up ads. What makes this malware dangerous is the fact that if it slips into your browser installation, it can change the configuration of your browser’s settings and give you the impression that the installation files are corrupted, and prevent you from installing any software. To make matters worse you won’t be able to open many of your files.

In order to protect your system from this malicious malware you should hire the services of an online tech support provider which has a reputation for providing high quality support services to its clients.

Once you contact them on their helpline, their technicians will get in touch with you directly and use online remote technology to access your system, detect the issue and solve the problem.

A major benefit of these services is that once you hire online tech support from a company, you will get round the clock support on a daily basis. This will ensure that all issues related to your PC are solved within a short span of time at an affordable price.

Browser Hijack viruses can change the configuration of your browser settings and prevent you from opening files from your system. To protect your system from these harmful viruses, you need online tech support which comes at an affordable price.


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