Sunday, 21 April 2013

Easy PC Troubleshooting at Home

If you have a PC then it is quite natural that you will face technical glitches in them from time to time. You can follow a number of guidelines to make sure that your PC problems can be fixed sitting at home. 

Make it a point to check when did the problem actually occur? Check weather you are getting an error message or not. Note the time when you turned your computer on and the specific program you are using. 

The error might have occurred because you have installed a new software or hardware like a digital camera or printer. Check if you had been running more than one program when the problem occurred or not, and if so what were the programs.
You can make use of forums like Regardless of the problem you are facing in your PC, there must be someone who had encountered the same problem at a point of time and found ways to solve the problem. 

Surf through the forums to find out solutions to the issue you are facing on your PC. Incase you don’t find any similar issues; you can post a thread explaining the exact problem you are facing including error messages. 

Most of the time, you will get the answers to the problem on the same day. Using the right diagnostic tools will make it easier for you to test hardware. You should ideally use memtest86 for testing memory errors. 

Hardware monitor can be used for checking temperature of any component of your PC. This will help you to determine weather your PC is rebooting or shutting down due to overheating or not. 
A number of companies offer online computer repair services at an affordable price. In case you fail to fix the problems you are facing on your own, then you can call them up to fix the problem. 

What makes this support services beneficial is that clients get round the clock technical support. Once you get in touch with the company’s technical staff, you can explain to them the problem you are facing with your PC. They will use their online desktop connection to access your system for the time being and solve the problem. 

By opting for computer repair online you can save a lot of your valuable time and money. If the company’s service quality satisfies you, then you can enter into a long term business relationship with them. This will make sure that if you are facing any issue with your computer, you can get support services within a short span of time.


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