Sunday, 21 April 2013

Facing video quality issues on Skype?

If you happen to be a Skype user then you must have faced issues related to video quality at one point of time or the other. Issues related to Skype video quality happen because of a number of reasons. Some of them are explained in detail below:-

Your internet connection may be slow or busy- Either you or the person you are talking to can experience issues with video because of a slow internet connection. In this situation you should attempt to close applications like music or video which use internet as well as file downloads.
Quality of webcam is poor- Webcams come in a wide price range and vary in quality. If you buy a webcam of a good quality then it will help the person with whom you are conversing. But if the person on the other end is using a low quality webcam then you will see an image of low quality.
The speed of your PC may be slow- PC speed may be slow because you or the person on the other end have kept a lot of programs open on your system. You should close some of them to check if the video quality improves. Incase you are using a laptop; you may face issues related to video calls because you have kept it in power saving mode. Toe enhance the speed of your PC you can change it to AC mode. Both you as well as person on the other end should have the minimum requirements in your respective systems to run Skype.
Incase you are using a wireless internet connection; network signal must be strong and if it isn’t you should connect directly.
If the room in which you are using Skype is quite dark, then you will not get a good video quality while talking to the person on the other end. Put on more lights. Make sure that you are not sitting with your back to a bright lamp or sunlit window, as this will cast a shadow on your face and give a poor quality of video. 

To enhance the quality of video calling on Skype you can hire contact Skype support online. You will have round the clock access to technical support and as a result you can have the issue fixed at any point of time as per your requirement. 

The service charges which you will have to pay to the company is quite reasonable, and there is no risk of your PC getting damaged as you don’t have to take it anywhere for repairing. 

Once you call up a company on their Skype phone number for help their technicians will connect with your PC through online remote technology, detect the problem and fix it within a short span of time. 

If you find their support service quality to be highly satisfactory, you can develop a business relationship with them. This will make sure that if you face issues related to Skype in future, you can contact them for Skype customer support.

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