Thursday, 25 April 2013

Finding Suspicious Links in Your Profile? IM Worms Have Attacked Your HP PC

Internet messaging worm is a self reproducing harmful code which spreads in instant messaging networks which you normally use. When these worms infect your PC, they locate your address book which is contact list and try to send themselves to people in your contact list. 

Some of these instant messaging worms depend on social engineering techniques to dupe you into accepting a message which has a harmful code. Some of the well known internets messaging worms include CoolNow, Choke and NewPic. 

These viruses are spread usually when a user clicks the link or opens an infected file which has come via instant messaging from a friend. Once your PC is under attack from this worm it may stop responding or slow down. 

Even if you don’t observe any difference in the performance of your HP PC, the virus may install a secret program which can damage hardware, important files or software or contain spyware which may steal confidential information which you have stored in your PC. 

Once a PC is infected by this worm, the latter may continue to spread infection by sending copies of the files it has infected to people in the Instant Messaging contact list of the user. Once instant messaging viruses have infected your system, it will have the following symptoms:-   
  • Different suspicious links will be placed in your profile.
  • The Registry Editor (Reg Edit), Task Manager (Clt+ Alt+Del) won’t remain open.
  • You will have ‘’badfile.scr’’ (screen saver) or ‘’donotpenme.exe’’ (executable program) files which you don’t recall when you have downloaded.

To protect your HP PC from these harmful worms, you require the services of a HP support provider who is well known for providing high quality online tech support. Once you contact them, their technicians will access your system using online remote technology to access the main cause of the issue and resolve it within a few hours. 

They will provide you with round the clock technical support on a daily basis which you can avail at any point of time as per your requirement. The services charges which you will pay the company for HP tech support is quite reasonable and so you won’t have to spend a hefty sum to have virus issues fixed. 

Always go for a company which has years of experience in dealing with virus issues. If you find that their service quality serves your purpose, then you can develop a long term business relationship with them.  This will ensure that in future, if you face any virus issue on your HP PC, you can get prompt support services by calling HP support number


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