Sunday, 21 April 2013

Have Parts of Your Saved Files been Replaced?

File infector viruses are one of the most common type of viruses. This type of viruses take root in a host file, and start operating once the file is executed. This virus can totally overwrite your file which it infects or replace parts of it, or even rewrite it. These type of viruses use an executable file format as their host. 

If your PC is running a program infected by this virus, then other applications in your system may be at risk as it can reproduce the nasty code and apply it to them. Usually, files with .EXE and .COM extension are more vulnerable to these viruses. 

But any file which is capable of execution can become their victim. What makes them even more dangerous is that these viruses can attach themselves to files and then pass to the systems of other users, once they download the files. 

One of the most difficult features of file infector viruses is that they are retained in PC’s memory and can cause harm on the system over a long period of time, until the entire PC is reformatted.

Such viruses stay stuck in your system till the very end, and any file you run on it automatically gets corrupted. If you download files from the internet or receive emails, you can face a virus infection issue. Unlike what internet users believe, it’s not usually possible for a virus to enter the system while you are reading an email. 

The harm can be done when executing files are attached to your message, and you don’t make it a point to find out weather they have viruses or not. Your system can also be under virus attack if information is imported from floppy disks which were created on an infected PC.
To save the applications on your system from these harmful viruses, you need to install one of the best antivirus software solutions into your system. Among all the software solutions available in the market, Kaspersky is regarded as one of the best. You can hire an online computer support provider to provide you with Kaspersky support. 

Once you contact them via their helpline number or through email, their technical experts will get in touch with you directly. Apart from installing the antivirus software in your system, they will send you regular updates about the latest versions of Kaspersky available in the market which you can download in order to upgrade your PC’s performance. 

By opting for online Kaspersky support you can save a sizeable amount of your valuable time and money. Opt for these services and feel the difference in the performance of your PC.


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