Thursday, 9 May 2013

Your Search Page Settings Have Changed Suddenly? You are Facing Attack from Backdoor Santas Spyware

As in case of any other electronic device, computers need to be upgraded from time to time in order to provide high quality performance. Ensuring system security is essential. An unwanted spyware on entering your can change your search page settings or home page. In case you adjust the settings; they can revert back each time you restart your PC. 

Backdoor Santas are a type of spyware which once installed on your system keeps a track of all activities you do on the internet. Usually this spyware enters your system when you download toolbars like Alexa or Hotbar. This spyware is used by cyber criminals to collect details about your shopping habits as well. Unlike other types of malware do not work in combination with any type of adware network.
What makes Backdoor Santas dangerous is the fact that they view as well as report to the cyber criminals about your activities on the net. Once the cyber criminals have understood your surfing habits, they start direct your searches to the specific websites they want you to visit rather than the ones you are looking for. As a result, your internet behavior changes only to benefit the person who has access to information about your surfing as well as shopping habits. This spyware is a URL logger as well as cookie installer. 

Backdoor Santas reports the address of every website you have visited while surfing through the net. The person who has installed the spyware in your system studies your internet behavior and then diverts search results, leading you to sites which you are not looking for, for his own personal gain. It also installs cookies in your system. 

Usually people save cookies in their temporary folder as it helps to download as well as up date web pages which they visit time and again. But this spyware downloads and saves cookies of websites which you hardly ever visit. As a result your search results direct you to websites you don’t want to visit. Unnecessary web pages keep opening as a result.
To protect your system from this malicious spyware, you can go for antivirus removal services online. By opting for these online support services, you can have this harmful program removed from your system within a short span of time. Once you call a support service provider, their technicians will look into the matter using online remote technology. They will detect the spyware remove it, and install the latest version of antivirus software to your system. 

You will keep getting updates for up-grading your virus removal software from time to time. The fees which the company will charge you have been kept within a reasonable range, keeping mind the convenience as well as budget of internet users. What makes these services different from onsite computer repair is that these services are more prompt and can be availed sitting at home without having to go anywhere. If you haven’t used online computer support before then go for it once. You will certainly feel a difference in service quality.


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