Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Probable causes behind a slow PC

If you have a PC then you may have faced issues related to the speed of your PC at one point of time or the other. One of the major reasons behind the slow down of your system can be the downloading of the so called ‘’ free’’ software. While you are installing free software in your system, other programs often get installed in your system which you don’t intend to install. 

Usually it is the toolbar which get installed along with free software which makes your browser slow and occasionally limits search results. Therefore you should select manual install option and concentrate on all the menus as you cannot choose the programs you want to install.
Your PC can also run slowly because of the lack of RAM (Random Access Memory). You can easily check weather it is any RAM related issue which has caused your PC to slow down. You need to use the ‘’System Information For Windows’’ in order to check how much RAM has been installed in your system and of what type. 

In case you have a 32 bit system you will require RAM of at least 3 GB, and if you are using a 64 bit system then RAM of 6 GB is required. Sometimes a buildup of junk files, thumbnails, offline web pages, cookies and temporary internet files cause a PC to slow down. 

This issue can be solved by clicking on start and go to the disk cleanup in the run menu by using which you can remove all the junk files which have been installed in the windows operating system of your PC.
But time constraints may not allow you to fix these software issues on your own. You can opt for the services of a computer tech support service provider who has the experience of providing high quality support services over a number of years. 

Once you get in touch with them, their technicians will use their online remote desktop connection to gain access to your system temporarily to diagnose the main cause of the problem and solve it within a short span of time. The fees charged by these companies are quite reasonable and so will not have to face any type of financial trouble to fix the problems you are facing in your PC. 

If you are satisfied with the services of the computer support company then you can enter into a long term business relationship with them to get prompt support services in case of any PC problems in the future.


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