Saturday, 27 April 2013

Are you being bombarded with pop-up ads?

Spywares are software which are designed by cyber criminals to observe your actions on the internet and pass on the information to them. Cyber criminals can use the information for a wide variety of purposes like pop-ups to sending unwanted ads. A spyware can enter your system in numerous ways. 

While you are surfing through the inernet you can come across an ad or a window may appear stating that your system is infected and you require plug-ins. If you accept the prompt without understanding what it means. Spyware can also enter your system if you are having pirated software, movies or music in your system through files.

Systems also become infected with spyware if you are opening mail attachments from people you have in your contact list who may send it to you unknowingly. Cyber criminals often use fake email ids to send these attachments.
Once a spyware enters your system, it can run within your system without your knowledge and use the memory which affects the performance of your PC. They can also occupy the space in your hard drive and cause your system to slow down.

A third party can gain access to your personal information like passwords and the type of websites you visit. Some of the symptoms of the presence of spyware in a PC are given below:-

·    You can get search results which you are not looking for. The hijacker can change the results of your web search and suggest the websites which he wants you to see instead of the ones you are looking for.
·    Your system is bombarded with pop-up ads. Adware is a common symptom of spyware which can flood your system with ads of objectionable websites.
·    Incase you get a lot of bounced email and find that messages are being sent from your email id without your knowledge, then you may have spamware in your files. This spamware can steal your email address book and send it to the hijacker.
·    Browser hijackers often add new tool bars to Internet Explorer which you install accidentally. These tool bars sometimes cannot be removed.

To protect vital information in your system from spyware you need to opt for the services of a well known computer support provider who has years of experience in solving malware issues.

Once you contact such a company through their helpline or through email their technical experts will use online remote technology to detect the spyware and remove it. The service charges which you will have to pay to the company for tech support is within a reasonable range. You will enjoy round the clock technical support, and so the problem can be fixed at any time as per your needs.

If you are satisfied with the service quality of the company then you can develop good relations with them. This will make sure that you get prompt online computer repair whenever the need arises.


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