Monday, 22 April 2013

Email viruses-How they cause problems in your PC

A new type of virus attack is causing a lot of worry to internet users across the world. Emails can infect your PC even if you don’t open attachments. You will not receive any warning while the virus is actually entering your email. The only message which you may come across is ‘loading’. 

Your email automatically downloads the harmful software into your system from some other place the moment you click to open it. In some cases, these email viruses are not ‘’true’’ viruses as they cannot reproduce without human contact. But these viruses are strong enough to shut down all the major email systems.
A trojan horse for instance secretly carries a damaging software called ‘’ plain wrapper’’. This wrapper is actually a mail file attachment which someone who is not in your contact list may send you. The file attachment names are very misleading in most of the cases. Once you run the attachment it causes a lot of problems from changing files to sending itself to other people in your contact list.
Often while you are downloading and exchanging files in a hurry, you often fail to check whether there is some malicious bug in any of them. As a user, in order to protect your PC from email viruses, never open any attachment which is sent by someone who is not known to you. 

Always keep a back up of your file on a daily basis. The best way you can do so is to clean up the infected file and replace it with an original non-infected one. As a result, even if your system is attacked by viruses, your data will be safe. Always update the antivirus software installed in your system, on a monthly basis. 

Follow the directions of the manual to ensure the safety of your system. Arrange your web browsers in such a way so as to disable Java, Javascript and ActiveX. Though it may seem a weird idea to you now, it will save your PC from viruses and increase its speed. 
To ensure long term protection of your PC, you should look for virus removal service online. Once you hire a company which provides support services for providing anti-virus software solutions, you can be assured of getting the problem fixed within a short span of time. 

The company’s technical experts will use remote technology for online virus removal. You don’t have to spend your valuable time looking for an onsite service provide. Your problem will be fixed within a couple of hours. Moreover the fees charged by these companies are quite affordable, and you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to pay for them. 

If you are satisfied with the service quality of the company you hire, then you can enter into a long term business relationship with them. As a result, you can get prompt, affordable computer virus removal service.


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